Via Margutta

Descrizione: Via Margutta – British Academy of Arts
Anno: 1938
Fotografo: Giacomo Bront
Fonte: Archivio Sirpac
Aggiunta da Carlo Galeazzi

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  1. diana davies ha detto:

    I’m writing to you as a volunteer at the Benedictine Community at New Norcia in Western Australia where I work with the Archives, Museum and Art Gallery.
    I’m researching the English artist William Ewing who was commissioned by the then Abbot of New Norcia to do the first drawing of the Monastery in the 1860’s, when Ewing was living in Rome, and the Abbot was on a visit.
    Most of what we have currently is related to his time with Severn and Keats during the latter’s last days, and also his work on the archaeological discoveries of Joseph Mullooly at S. Clemente in Rome. He was secretary of the British School in Rome for a time, and there is some correspondence in relation to that. The Fitzwilliam has a sculpture by him, Anything further in the way of biographical information would be of great interest to us.
    many thanks

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